Everything To Think About With A Basement Remodel and Renovation

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Maybe you’re sitting above it right now: your basement, lying underneath your home, disused, and gathering dust. Or maybe, you know the potential for space underneath your house could bring you not only a huge amount of added value to your home but also masses of new space to live in. 


Whatever your situation, if you have usable space below your Gloversville home, a basement remodel and renovation is a brilliant decision to take. But as with all things when it comes to building work, a basement remodel or renovation is no small thing, and you may have some questions.


And that’s why we’re here! We’ve taken a look at everything to think about with a basement remodel and renovation – and we’ll show why it’s a fantastic choice for your home.


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Is It Time?

You may have always dreamed of freeing up space beneath your house for use, but life or family’s got in the way. A basement renovation can take a lot of time, and building work can disrupt. 

But, this will always be the case – and though building work does temporarily change how you live, the rewards are huge. If your family is expanding, or your house is feeling a little small – or you simply just want an extra room or two to stretch your legs in! – it may be time for a basement remodel and renovation. Having your basement in Broadalbin or Mayfield repurposed into space you can live in can bring not only enormous improvements to your quality of life but also supply you with enormous profit when you sell your house. 

What Could I Use it For?

This is the fun part! Having a basement remodel or renovation can open up enormous possibilities for your home, and could potentially give you the room you’ve always dreamed of – or change how you live entirely. 

If you have some new young ones in your family, creating an extra bedroom for them in the basement can give them a space to grow and flourish. If you’re a homeworker, your brand-new office could be in your cozy basement renovation. Or, you could go even further, and create a home gym, your movie theater, or a bar – creating more recreational space in your home!

With a basement remodel and renovation in Johnstown, the possibilities are truly endless. Your only limit is your imagination. 


How Do I Plan?

All building work needs planning – and with a basement remodel or renovation, this is even more important. Any building work that could profoundly affect the structure of your home or of your neighbors needs a lot of time spent ironing out kinks before anyone performs any work, so make sure you speak to an experienced contractor from the start. They can assess for any structural damage or moisture concerns.

Another massive consideration to think about is how you’ll light your space. As an underground addition, how light enters is very important. So, plan how you might be able to insert skylights by extending the room out into your garden, for example. Or else, look at lighting choices very carefully, and consider whether it could be a space that doesn’t necessarily need daylight (like a movie theater, for example). 

Hiring Your Contractor

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Hiring a good contractor for your basement remodel and renovation may be the smartest move you ever make for your home. An experienced professional can help advise you every step of the way, from dealing with early paperwork and regulations to the finishing touches. 

If you’re ready to get the basement remodel and renovation of your dreams, contact 518 Renovations today. Our team of expert contractors will ensure that your basement is a space you’ll want to spend all your time in. Get in touch today